How to Permanently Delete a Badoo Account: 5 Steps

How to Permanently Delete a Badoo Account: 5 Steps

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Whats a Badoo account? Even if youve never heard of Badoo chances are, youve used sites like it. If youre on Tinder, for instance, you know the basic principle behind Badoo. Its for social networking-primarily its a dating site-so it is used by millions of people.

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If you have a Badoo account, you might want to delete it. Maybe youre ready to take a step back from the dating world. Or, youve found the babel reddit love of your life. If youre in charge of someone elses digital legacy, you might need to delete their account. No matter what your reasons are, deleting your Badoo account is very simple.

Tip: If you’re closing a loved one’s Badoo account after they’ve passed away, you might be facing other unfamiliar tasks, too. Our post-loss checklist can help you sort out what comes next.

How to Permanently Delete Your Own Badoo Account

You might be ready to delete yourself from the Internet. If thats the case, heres how to get started with your Badoo account.

Log in to your account

To start the process of deleting your account, youll need to log in. This is where having a password manager comes in handy. For most people, remembering passwords is hard. This is especially true for dating sites since there are a lot of options out there. You may just decide to stop using them and forget what your login information is. It might have been years since you logged into your account.

If youve exhausted your password managers, and still had no luck, youll have to restore your password. Do you remember what email is associated with your Badoo account? If so, its easy. Badoo will send you an email with details on how to reset your password.

If all else fails, feel free to reach out and contact their Customer Care Team. If you run into snags at any point in the process, they suggest doing this. They can help you get into your account.

Delete your account

Once youve logged in, you need to click on your profile picture. On most social media sites, its called an avatar. On the Badoo page, your avatar is located in the upper left-hand corner.

Once youve clicked on it, select the top-right icon, which looks like a gear. This will lead you to Account Settings. At the bottom of the Account Settings page, youll see the Delete Account option.

Look at the suggestions

Like most sites, Badoo doesnt want you to leave! They give lots of other suggestions for what you can do with your account instead of deleting it. Here are the options:

  • Get removed from Google searches. Maybe you dont want anyone to be able to find you on a dating site. If youre trying to find a new job or youre worried about people searching for you, this might be the right option.
  • Control who sees you. You might not want everyone to see your profile on Badoo. If thats the case, you can change your settings so only people you initiate contact with can see your information.
  • Hide your account. You might not be ready to delete your account. But if youd like to make it invisible, you can also go that route. This is a good choice if you think you want to come back to Badoo later.

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