Rusty try the initial person in the CRU that Calvin advised that he had been gay to help you

Rusty try the initial person in the CRU that Calvin advised that he had been gay to help you

Dale Kettlewell

Rusty and you may Dale should be friends. These are generally roommates because their freshmen year. The help of its mutual demand for technology, it get on well along with her. Dale to start with attempted to encourage Rusty not to ever hurry an effective fraternity, but sooner concerned deal with his alternatives and also came to accept the latest Greek system and you may hurry Omega Chi while in the 12 months cuatro. The relationship might have been burdened whether or not owed Dale’s competitive nature about the the academics, especially when Dale chose to consider Rusty’s search when the a couple of her or him was indeed competing having a grant.

Calvin Owens

Rusty and you can Calvin might be best household members. Although he could be inside competition fraternities, it however find both as brothers. The friendship is very similar to that of Cappie and you may Evan’s possesses become looked at, however they were able to maybe not let their homes end its friendship.


Regardless of if Cappie is only their fraternity government, Rusty seems around Cappie because a real your government. He constantly pertains to Cappie for recommendations, constantly when the problem is because of ladies.

Evan Spaces

Rusty hates Evan to the method he addressed their aunt. Evan’s thinking towards Rusty was mutual on account of Rusty always insulting your even though Casey forgave for their cheat as well as hitting your regarding the deal with with a vow paddle.Regardless of this, Evan facilitate your find out more about his cord inside year cuatro.

Rusty’s little aunt up until he stop the new fraternity. He had been friends that have Calvin off senior school and you may are an effective activities pro. He old Michael jordan which cheated toward him which have Rusty. As he found out, he end the fresh new fraternity.

Peter Parkes

Rusty’s nothing brother. Spidey is the KT’s only pledge for the 12 months 4 due to the point that he or she is blocked from hurry however, as Spidey is actually a history, he or she is permitted to pledge . His dad, Lasker Parkes, created the system Joshua Whopper, which left this new KT’s instructional requirements up. Rusty and you may Peter deal a good goat with her immediately after which Spidey determines Rusty as their big brother because the he or she is chill and you can a nerd, something the guy desires to feel also. For some time, Peter is actually not as much as suspicion into symptoms from the Kappa Taus due to his cleverness and you will in to the studies from their dad. After 12 months cuatro despite Spidey asking your not to help you their dad rips along the KT domestic.

Rusty finds out the fresh new difficulty which comes away from controlling brand new tricky kinds away from his significant and you will racing to have Kappa Tau. Even with not the product quality frat man, Rusty earns praise of his household to own winning brand new beer pong tournament contrary to the Omega Chi guarantees and rescuing the KT homecoming cluster because of the restoring the new Vesuvius and you may therefore it is in order to precipitation alcohol starting KT records. Rusty also becomes his first wife, good ZBZ hope entitled, Jen K. Rusty seems to lose their virginity to help you Jen K and drops crazy with her. Rusty ‘s the basic knowing off Calvin, himself, that he’s gay. Calvin, happy with Rusty’s allowed away from your being gay, was satisfied with comprehending that he at least enjoys Rusty while the a cousin, being unsure of how good their Omega Chi brothers will need the brand new development. Rusty and learns away from Casey you to, before Evan, she is associated with Cappie.

12 months 2

Rusty’s frontrunners is actually shown when he takes initiative adopting the Kappa Tau household could have been mixed and encourages the brothers commit sit in the finals to obtain the family GPA upwards while he looks for an alternate household along the crack. Cappie brands him his legacy and you may tickets their presidency onto Rusty.

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