Step 3. Choose the tech stack for a Tinder-like app

Step 3. Choose the tech stack for a Tinder-like app

We are all different, having different ideas of the perfect place to live. While some of us are children of big cities, others might prefer living in the countryside. Shared preferences in lifestyle can be a solid basis for people to start their relationship.

koko app

Equestrian Cupid. This dating website, developed for country and horse lovers, is a perfect place to find a cowboy or cowgirl. Equestrian Cupid gathered millions of people who dislike busy cities and dream to live in the countryside. Even if the user does not own a horse, they can join the website if they share down to earth values.

Favorite pets are another theme that may bring people together. Some of us are cat lovers, while others like dogs. Thus, you can base your dating app on common interests in pets.

Step 2. Choose a business model

Users get a free set of basic app features, but they can buy a premium app version with the following advanced features :

  • Boosting profile. The app charges users a fixed fee to show their profile as the first in the search result.
  • Advanced swipe. This feature, powered by a machine learning algorithm, changes the way users see photos.

what is the technology behind it? The smart algorithm adjusts the user photos on the basis of the interests of other users. In this way, the owner of a premium account receives more chances to get matched.

  • Unlimited likes. While users of the free app version have a limited amount of right swipes or likes, users with a paid account have an unlimited number of likes.

App users are pleased to give and receive gifts from each other. To do this, empower your app with paid gifts, such as greetings, flowers, and kisses.

Many applications use this monetization strategy. You can charge other businesses for running their ads in your app. These might be cost-per-click or cost-per-mile models.

Now you need to choose the technologies that will power your app and the main thing you need to keep in mind is scaling.

Since the app’s launch, the Tinder app developers used MongoDB, the NoSQL database, to match people. But, as the app becomes popular and gains users, it becomes hard for the team to maintain the MongoDB database performance. So, the team needed to move to the more powerful Amazon Web Services hosting.

Step 4. Choose a dating app development team

It is no secret that developers from different countries have a different hourly rate. At the same time, they might have similar experiences and skillsets. Therefore, if you want to ent costs, you can consider partnering with developers from other countries.

The portfolio is another sign you need to check when looking for a mobile app development team. This way, you will receive insight into the company’s level of expertise. Besides, it would be great if the mobile development company have dating apps in their portfolio.

The client hired us to refactor the MVP, debug it, and make an upgrade for the new remastered the code, fixed the bugs, and developed a new design.

Ask the mobile development team for a list of recent clients. By contacting them, you can learn about your future developers reliability, communication skills, and commitments.

The size of the development team is another thing to consider. If you want to create an enterprise-level solution, you need to find a big development team. On the other hand, to create a project MVP, you can cooperate with a team with one or two mobile developers.

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