What are the Challenges in Developing Bumble Dating App?

What are the Challenges in Developing Bumble Dating App?

If you plan to develop a dating app that stands out, you must integrate unique and compelling features. But at the same time, there are some specific features in Bumble mobile app that you must include to ensure to fulfill the market standards. Now, let’s look at those features.

  • User Onboarding Authorization

Having a detailed and intuitive user profile section is a necessity for an online dating app

Once the user logs in with their mobile number or Facebook account, he is presented with an onboarding experience. This feature introduces the users to the platform and helps them get comfortable with it. Furthermore, the authorization feature authenticates the identity of the new user before he begins the profile setup.

  • Profile Setting Editing

Here, the user can input all his essential details such as his likings, preferences, hobbies, interests, etc., along with a bio.

To make it easy for the new users, the app must come with an option to directly integrate relevant data from other social media networks such as Instagram or Facebook. This will save the user’s time and provide them with augmented ease.

  • Left-Right Swipe

If you want to build a dating app similar to Bumble, then having a swiping feature is a must. With this feature, the users can swipe right for the profiles they are interested in and swipe left for those they don’t want to pursue. Overall, it’s a great feature that makes matching profiles extremely easy.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications are an essential feature that helps to boost user engagement. Whenever there is a new match or a message from someone, the user receives a notification about it.

  • Private Chat

Quick and easy-to-use chat functionality is essential for building a good dating application. It helps the users to connect and grow their relationships. Make sure that the chat option in your app also comes with an option to add stickers and GIFs. This will help to make the conversation much more enjoyable.

  • Geo Locations Tracking

Meeting people that belong to faraway countries is tough. With geolocation tracking, the users can narrow down their options by only seeing user profiles that belong to the exact location. Thus, the users can choose the location they like to explore new connections.

Bumble Profile Match Algorithm

Bumble leverages an AI-based algorithm that is highly intuitive. The algorithm suggests profiles that are matched based on people’s interests, location, hobbies, preferences, and much more. Most of the profiles that are suggested to the users are highly relevant to their liking. Thus, this improves user engagement and also boosts the efficiency of the dating application.

It t is essential to note that the matching is not random at all. As mentioned above, the AI-based algorithm analyzes the user’s choices based on the profiles they swipe left and swipe right. Over time, the algorithm learns more about the user’s choice and only suggests profiles that they will surely like.

  • Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is a major issue in online dating. Typically, this kind of bullying is aimed at shaming or angering those who are targeted. In the case of online dating apps, gays are mostly targeted and bullied.

Cyberbullying involves sending resentful messages or threats to the user. It also involves impersonating someone or spreading rumors about them.

If you plan to develop a dating app like Bumble, make sure to provide an option where the users can immediately report any instances of cyberbullying. This will make sure to win the user’s trust and retain them in the longer run.

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